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Open House



Uniquely Designed Meetings

Our process has a guided, though flexible structure

Join a selected group of local peers who attend designed meetings that
optimize your ability to learn new ideas and forge new connections.


Have Dinner with your Peers

Connect with others through an intimate dinner setting facilitated by us.
Share your past, passions, interests and expertise with others.



Over dinner, present aspects about your field that most fascinate and inspire you.
Discuss their significance, its meaning to you and why it’s important for your peers to understand.



Before and after dinner, get to know your peers more intimately through casual conversation.
Through the process of “vibing”, you can develop genuine emotional connections with your peers, beyond the more formal aspects of presentation and cross-education.


Make Referrals

After developing genuine, trusthworthy relationships with your local peers, confidently and happily make patient referrals.


Collaborative Care

With the structure in place, in which members feel comfortable and confident in one another, there exists an opportunity for collaborative care - where multiple clinicians are mutually caring for the same patients, providing them a more optimized healthcare experience where everyone is on the same page regarding the patient’s health plan.


Complementray Services


Digital Spotlight

We provide you a seach-engine-optimized profile on our website - helping to showcase you to the world. 


Group-Communication Advising

We provide you complementary, expert advise on how to communicate most effectively with your new Network Group. 



Open House

Expertly Organized Open House Meetings

A thorough, effective Process

In essence, we create professional gatherings designed to facilitate your local reach.  


Marketing Campaign

We do a marketing campaign for your open house - in which we spread the world digitally about you and your practice to thousands of local clinicians and health innovators - advertising your specialties and approach.


Forge Relationships

After local clinicians and health innovators arrive, you have the opportunity to forge relationships with clinicians and health innovators who can transform your business by referrals and partnerships - you can also gain allies for emotional companionship within the field.


Spread the Word

The result is that you develop invaluable connections with local peers who know you, your practice and approach intimately - and the word spreads.