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Barra Kahn has a life-long affinity for somatics work. She has been teaching yoga for over 35 years, and was a professional dancer for more than a decade. Committed to being a conduit for change, her training and advanced certification in Core Energetics has brought together her graduate degree in Psychology and her love of exploring the language of the body. Barra is on the faculty of the Institute of Core Energetics and also a professor of Communication at George Mason University with a focus on Nonverbal Communication skills both for groups and individuals.  For nine years, Barra was on the faculty and Artistic Director of The National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts.  As such, she is adept at assisting the healing of deep wounds and inner conflicts by melding the powerful work of Core Energetics with her other creative modalities. Barra is a member of the USABP (United States Association of Body Psychotherapists).


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