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210 Martine Ave,

White Plains NY 10601

(914) 831-5354

My approach is always holistic. Mind and body are not separate: emotions often manifest through the body, while physical maladies can affect our mental outlook. In order to maximize wellness, I work with three basic principles of balance, circulation and conservation. Acupuncture is especially effective for muscle tension, connective tissue strains, joint pains, chronic conditions such as digestive issues, gynecological/fertility issues, respiratory system issues, skin conditions, seasonal allergies, as well as all the myriad effects stress and anxiety can produce.

Treatment is based on a holistic diagnosis that takes into account all symptoms, life circumstances, and appearance (tired, wired, stressed, at peace, etc.) As a result, many times patients come in looking to fix one problem and discover that other problems can be treated simultaneously because they are related.

After the needles are removed, I often follow up with a few minutes of either medical massage or relaxation therapy, depending on the condition. After a treatment, it is recommended that you allow the body to rest.

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