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Tomeka Wright

Eldercare Advisor

One Call Senior Placement Services
Greenbelt, MD



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Watching your loved one’s transition in life can be difficult and evoke many different emotions such as fear, depression, anxiety and even anger.

At One Call Senior Placement Services, they have over 25 years of experience in giving care to their senior population. Their passion is to comfort families by providing solutions that will allow them to make clear and informed decisions as they relate to lifestyle changes for their loved ones. One Call Senior Placement Services’ mission is to remove obstacles, dispel apprehension, and install a confidence that each step is in a positive direction, thus insuring that the aging process is met with dignity, compassion, and respect.

What makes One Call Senior Placement Services and their certified placement services professionals standout is that they do not just care for your loved one, but they help and transition their entire family through the senior placement process. They meet you and your family where you are, hold your hand and walk with you through the entire process. They are with you every step of the way.