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Chiropractic Physician 


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546 Broad Avenue

Englewood, NJ 07631

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Stephen J. Press, DC, PhD is perhaps the only Chiropractic Physician in New Jersey with a Doctoral Degree in a research science in addition to the Doctor of  Chiropractic degree (DC).  Dr. Press specializes in Chiropractic, Sports and Nutritional medicine, and treats a wide range of conditions, from back, neck, leg, headaches and arm pain, to cardiac and circulatory preventive health care, allergies and digestive disturbances.  He is on staff at the North Jersey Surgical Center in Englewood Cliffs, with privileges to perform Manipulation Under Anesthesia. In his more than 35 years of practice, he is estimated to have performed more than 2 MILLION individual manipulations, which, in addition to his world travel , practicing, lecturing and studying, makes his clinical experience pre-eminent in the World today.

Dr. Press was the founder of one of the two World agencies which govern the Chiropractic profession at the World level, known as the Federation Internationale de Chiropratique  du  Sport (FICS), with headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland and Administrative offices in Toronto, Canada.

He is Editor-in-Chief for Harvard Medical School’s online textbook of medicine ( in the area of his expertise, and Chairman of the Board for the Chiropractic online Wikisite, called  In 1992, he was co-opted by the Minister of Sport of the then Soviet Union, with permission of the US President, to serve as Chief Physician for the entire Soviet Winter Olympic team in Albertville, France. He remains the ONLY DC to become a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine, and the only DC to have been President of a medical commission for an Int’l Olympic Committee (IOC) recognized World Sport Governing body.  He is Board Certified in Sports medicine and is expert in Nutritional medicine as well. 

Dr. Press’ wife, Olga practiced in St. Petersburg Russia, as a pediatrician, and is an RN here, running the office side-by-side with her husband. Together they are ready to assist you whatever area of health you or your family, may require assistance.


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