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19 E 80th Street

New York, NY. 10075-0117

(212) 737 1467

Dr. Robert's psychotherapy practice is devoted to helping men who aspire to live productive and satisfying lives. Many men suffer from a variety of problems that can block their ability to experience life at its fullest. These issues are far reaching, including social and sexual anxiety, panic attacks, relationship and business conflicts, loneliness, intense anger, uncertainty, withdrawal or simply a general state of unhappiness.
As a therapist, he understands how uncomfortable a man may feel when exploring his vulnerabilities and fears or discussing the intimacies of his experiences. His practice specializes in therapy for older adolescents and adult men providing a nonjudgmental environment where each person can feel safe, understood and fully supported.
As a therapist he focuses on why feelings get in the way of making constructive changes in order to live a better life.
Therapy helps to create clarity by uncovering how patterns from the past dictate our behavior in the present. Bad habits can result in self-destructive behavior. By revealing and understanding more of our inner world and how we react to people whether they be spouses or partners, children or parents we can open the door to change.
Most importantly, therapy works.
Sessions are fifty minutes long and meet at the same time once or twice a week. Sliding scale is available, as needed.


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