Phyllis Palombi - LMFT, MS

Marriage and Family Therapy


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Reston, Virginia 20194

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Working with individuals and couples going through life changes, including medical issues, is my specialty. I have dedicated my career helping people make their relationships, marriage, healthier and happier learning about themselves and communicating needs and goals more effectively. Couples also come to me when they have already made a decision to separate and want to do it in healthy ways. I am part of the Collaborative Divorce Community in Northern Virginia where I team up with attorneys and financial experts to help people find a more amicable way to divorce with more mental health support for the whole family.

Working with couples has been especially rewarding when I see each person develop a sense of self and their own needs and how they can achieve harmony going through conflictual times in a relationship with less pain. Understanding how past patterns become obstacles in current communication helps undo current conflicts.

I always see both parts of a couple individually then as a couple. This helps build trust with my couples that each one will be heard and understood. When I see families we often have individual time set up as well as family meeting time.


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