How Does Metro Collaborative Work?

Icon 1 - Dinner - Metro Collab Have Dinner with your Local PeersDiscuss your Passions & Profession


Through facilitated discussion, learn more about your peers as people and professionals - understand their uniqueness, purpose and the quality of their work.

Metro Collaborative - Icon 2Cross-EducationEducate & Learn from your Peers



By educating and learning from your peers, you gain a better sense of health care as a whole, better appreciate your peers' fields, and also get a better sense of what your clients might be going through outside your own treatment of them.

Metro Collab Icon 2 - VibeDevelop Familiarity & TrustVibe




Experience personal and group conversations that allow you to develop more intimate encounters.

Metro Collab Icon 3 ReferralsMake ReferralsFeel Good Making Reliable Referrals




After developing a sense of who your peer is as a person and a professional, comfortably and confidently make referrals for your clients. 


Metro Collaborative - Collaborative Care Icon 4Collaborative CareMDPsy.DPTDCLAcDDSDMDPhDBetter Care for Clients




Due to the process of the previous four steps, the potential for high-quality, integrative care emerges. 

We work to facilitate this. 


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