Wil Lewis 


Licensed Massage Therapist 


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New York, NY

Massage therapy is part of a healthy lifestyle, just like exercise and nutrition. The more you do, the better you feel. And the healthier you become. Wil Lewis integrates a variety of advanced techniques personalized for each session. Providing quantitative results with an unparalleled quality of experience, goals for each session may range from decreasing stress to improving athletic performance, from pain management to preventative care. Sometimes, the goal of massage is simply to enjoy yourself. Living should feel amazing. 

Craving massage from head to toe? Wil cares for each detail of your body with thorough attention, refining the posture of each joint and cleansing each muscle to leave you feeling open, aligned and rejuvenated. 

Craving specifics? Request your favorite techniques or just work the areas that need it. Wil approaches the anatomy with meticulous precision. Grooming each muscle, tendon and joint to perfection can relieve your injuries, pain and spasticity and improve your ability to move. It’s up to you whether you want a full body or just focus work on a specific area. You are in control of every minute of your massage, so feel free to ask for your favorites. There are hundreds of techniques available to choose from.  

Craving positive energy?  You will always feel intuitive warmth from Wil’s hands. He has been trained in reiki and energy healing and has spent his career perfecting his quality of touch. You may even notice the energy when you aren’t even being touched. Massage therapy nurtures more than just your body - it nurtures YOU. 

About Wil Lewis

Trained as a massage therapist in Fort Collins, Colorado at the Healing Arts Institute, Wil founded and operated a private practice in Fort Collins from 2002-2009. In addition to his private practice, Wil provided extensive pro-bono and low-income massage therapy for the National MS Society. After moving to New York City, Wil quickly became Exhale Spa’s lead therapist, lauded as their most requested massage therapist in Manhattan’s prestigious Upper East Side. Wil founded a training program in 2011, and was named the National Massage Trainer by Exhale Spa’s corporate team. Spanning eight states plus Turks and Caicos and training over 250 massage therapists, the program was a phenomenal success. Wil returned to private practice in 2015, and currently offers massage therapy by appointment only to a select list of clientele. For house calls in New York City, book with Wil now.


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