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Integrative Physician 


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345 Seventh Avenue

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New York, NY 10001

Susan M. Scharf, M.D. is not your typical physician. Board Certified in Internal Medicine with the best in traditional training at NYU and Bellevue Medical Centers, Dr. Scharf takes great pride in her integrative blend of approaches for complete care. With an emphasis on wellness and prevention, Dr. Scharf's unique practice combines her holistic, patient-centered care with her clinical expertise, exceptional research skills, and a range of healing modalities.

Dr. Scharf’s commitment to health and healing has lead her to work in a wide range of practice types and settings resulting in years of valuable experience in the management of complex and chronic conditions, mental health, stress management, urgent care internal medicine, travel medicine, palliative care, and women’s health.

Her medical experience has included work with the September 11 first responders at Mount Sinai School of Medicine’s World Trade Center Medical Monitoring and Treatment Program; war veterans at the Manhattan Veterans Administration Hospital; New York-Presbyterian Hospital’s Washington Heights Community Health Center; and the El Paso, Texas community of doctors, nurses, Promotoras (community leaders and advocates), and Curanderas (local healers) to improve health care distribution to the impoverished Lower Valley

Her postgraduate studies have included advanced training in Functional Medicine from The Institute for Functional Medicine, as well as advanced training in Mind-Body Medicine from The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

Dr. Scharf has special interests in whole-food nutrition, mind-body medicine, psychological health, psychoneuroimmunology, stress management, botanical therapies, nutraceuticals, environmental medicine, and preventive medicine. Her professional interests include public health, efficient and innovative systems solutions, strategies for improving the US Healthcare System, and health technology.


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