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26 East 36th Street

New York, NY 10016

(212) 748-9301 

Ruschelle KhannaLCSW has practiced psychotherapy in Manhattan for over ten years. She has assisted thousands of men and women with healing from trauma and abuse. In March 2014, Ruschelle experienced an awakening experience during a seizure caused by Lyme disease and co-infections. Since that time, she has dedicated her life to educating communities about the power of overcoming physical pain to transform one's life.  Ruschelle also writes and speaks throughout the country on topics related to spirituality, chronic pain and trauma. She is also the Founder of the Fibromyalgia Summit Online.  


Practice specialties and trainings include: 

Chronic Pain and Illness: Ruschelle works with clients to reduce their pain experience through Mindfulness, Cognitive Therapy and personalized narrative therapy to reframe the experience of pain.  

Lyme disease and other autoimmune diseases: Ruschelle works closely with functional and Naturopathic physicians to provide a comprehensive healing approach to autoimmune diseases.

Trauma: Mrs Khanna utilizes Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Interventions and Internal family Systems therapy to address trauma.  She also utilizes programs such as Seeking Safety and Dialectical Behavioral therapy for addiction and sexual abuse.  

Mood Disorders: Ruschelle has worked in both Greenwich Ct and New York City as a private therapist for families experiencing mood disorders and other mental health crises. Ruschelle has advanced certification in suicide assessment and prevention. 

Anxiety: Ruschelle is trained from the Albert Ellis Institute in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy. She also uses Internal Family Systems Therapy to address the root of irrational fears. 

Couples Counseling: Mrs Khanna has provided couples counseling in outpatient mental health clinics throughout New York City. 


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