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Megan Sanchez, Holistic MBA

Holistic Health Coach

UpSwing Health Coaching
Washington, District Of Columbia

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Megan is a certified Health Coach for busy professionals who want to double their energy and revamp their lifestyle. She works with people who want to live big and stay edgy, but feel like maintaining healthy habits can feel like a daunting, arduous task. 

Megan is passionate about trusting your gut and ditching the idea of perfection, believing you can have it all but only if you’re willing to write your own story of what health and happiness looks and feels like. 

She helps people develop habits that are built on super small, everyday commitments to nutrition, movement, and personal nourishment that feel good because your body tells you so, not because you’re following the latest trend. Through private coaching and group workshops in the DC metro area, she’s breaking through the daily grind to let others know that healthy habits can be fun, easy, and second nature. 

Megan is a graduate of the Health Coach Institute and is currently pursuing a Holistic MBA certification in transformational coaching. She holds a degree from Syracuse University with studies in industrial and experiential design and psychology. 

Megan’s every day is about embracing what-ifs and making each moment count. Her greatest memories are built around long urban hikes, trial and error in the kitchen and lots of laughter with friends and family, both near and far. She’s called Washington DC home for 6 years.