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Lindsey Sherwin, MSc, RDT

Registered Drama Therapist

You Are The Shift, LLC
45 Wall Street, Suite 1019
New York, NY 10005

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"Everything that makes us human exists in Art."

Lindsey Sherwin, is a professional actress, poet, therapeutic drama practitioner, trainer, and founder of You Are The Shift, LLC De-Coding the Mask and Re:Claiming Our Power and Living Behind the Mask programs, a series of workshop sessions focused on helping adolescents affected by trauma, violence, addiction, and loss: foster identity, heal through resiliency, and discover inner personal power in unique and creative ways.

The overarching goal of each program is to ensure youth’s social and emotional needs are met; supporting them to stay committed to their goals, so that they're able contribute to society and acquire the skills they need to be successful in all dimensions of their lives.

Understanding and applying the skill, improved skill development, and behavior change through an evidence-based framework.

Tools taken from each method are applied intentionally and used in an actively engaging way to support these improvements, increased motivation, and success in not only fostering skill building and development, but also maintaining core functional skills that adolescents need to be successful.  

Through using the tools and putting the learned skills into action through the use of both real-life action oriented improvisational role-plays and scripted scenarios, young people are provided with a space to try on new roles, rehearse healthy behaviors, and practice building the necessary skills promoting emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy) and empowerment to both youth and facilitator/s alike.   

Lindsey dedicates her time to designing workshops for youth, training staff, and working with artists one to one using drama therapy, the creative/expressive arts, implementing restorative practices, and life coaching techniques.

Focused on "emotional well-being success" she has managed to motivate and redirect the highest risk and vulnerable youth, specifically youth who are justice involved, with her engaging, dually combined methods, and culturally relevant programming a variety of settings: i.e. schools, in the home, in the courtroom, or residential care.  

When young people do not have a healthy way of processing emotions, either externalization or suppression tends to be a common solution. Each emotionally, physically, or mentally traumatic experience is packed away underneath his "Personal (Private) Mask" and carried around wherever he goes.   

Over time the Mask absorbs a plethora of layers consisting of negative experiences, often traumatic, and when this happens consistently, it becomes too heavy to wear, too chaotic to untie, and unbearably difficult to take down in order to find ourselves again.  

In these interactive workshops Lindsey provides practical steps towards building and developing key skills critical for behavior change in order to reach young people thematically, and guide them through the process of unveiling their (Personal Masks).