Kay Loughrey


Health and Weight Loss Coach 


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12105 Darnestown Rd. L6,

Gaithersburg, MD 20878


Kay Loughrey
Health and Weight Loss Coach

As a sought after speaker, health coach, and nutritionist, Kay specializes in working with men and women who are ready to free themselves from weight struggles and get their sweet life back.


Kay Loughrey is a speaker, health and weight loss coach, and dietitian nutritionist who addresses both inner and outer health issues. 
She helps clients conquer food triggers and lose weight to get their health and joy filled life back.

Kay offers clients a holistic approach to personal transformation, habit change, and weight loss. 
She guides clients on a deeper journey of discovery that allows them to thrive as they release extra weight. 
Most persons who come to Kay have experienced a trauma. She finds that the outer symptoms like weight will be there until the trauma is dealt with.

Kay had a 28 year career in public service and public health and has been in private practice for 5 years. Kay sees clients at her clinic in Gaithersburg, Maryland and nationwide via video conferencing.


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