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Dr. Jeffrey Brown grew up in the state of Maine and went to Bowdoin College where he graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1982. He accepted early decision into the Georgetown School of Dentistry and graduated from there in 1986. While at Georgetown, Dr. Brown worked in the neurology department as an assistant to a project which involved studying the regeneration of nerve tissue in the spinal column after major trauma. At the same time, he also worked as a manager in a restaurant in Georgetown.

Upon graduation from Georgetown Dental School, Dr. Brown worked for a short time as an associate in a wonderful practice in Falls Church, Virginia. From there, he moved on and built his own practice in the Fairlington neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia. He built the practice from the ground up and created one of the largest practices ever seen on the East coast. His office had one of the first T-1 computer lines dedicated between the main and satellite office and had one of the first digital x-ray systems seen in Northern Virginia. To this day, the office of Fairlington Dental is still his friend and is run by his good buddy, Dr. Mike Rogers.

In 1986, after exactly 20 years in practice, Dr. Brown took a sabbatical to be with his four young children and watch them grow up. He was able to walk his 2 year old to day care, see the boys play basketball at all their games (even the travel games up in Maryland), and was happy to see his oldest daughter graduate from Westminster and move on to excel at St. Stephens/St. Agnes. It was a wonderful time just being a ‘soccer Dad’. During those years, Dr. Brown helped his wife develop her consulting business and volunteered at the local clinic for low income families. He kept up with his licensing requirements and continuing education and was glad he did, because there came a point when the kids became busy with their own work and he wanted more out of life.

So, in 2013, Dr. Brown met Dr. Stack and was immediately and forever impressed with the way in which Dr. Stack was so successful in treating TMJ cases and was able to repair so many damaged lives. For Dr. Brown, it became his second calling – helping people by dealing with their debilitating TMJ issues. As a Master Dentist from the prestigious Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, he already had extensive training in TMJ problems, but always wondered where the real truth was. He found the truth with Dr. Stack and knew this was the way to go. And as they say, the rest is history!


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