Hai Jin Kim, MD

Family and Holistic Medicine

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Hai Jin Kim is a board certified family practice physician who practices integrative and holistic medicine. As she puts it, “There is no other way to practice responsibly unless it is holistic.”

After fourteen years of practice, the sobering reality of the inadequacies of the current pharmaceutical-based medical model set in. This realization fueled the quest for a more functional and holistic approach to health. Shifting the focus away from disease and moving towards prevention and wellness has been her primary goal with her clients. Starting from the basics with nutrition and healthy living to awareness of the impact of potential environmental toxins, her personal quest is to empower her clients through education and equipping them with tools to make positive and sustainable life changes.

As a family practitioner, she welcomes newborns, adults and families.

Dr. Kim is a graduate of Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, CA and completed her residency at Riverside Regional Medical Center, an affiliate program of The Medical College of Virginia/VCU.


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