Doug Pincock


Pediatric Dentistry


5950 Hubbard Dr.

Rockville, MD20854

(301) 881-8351

Dr. Pincock has been practicing pediatric and adolescent dentistry since 1971.  His undergraduate studies were completed at Gettysburg College.  He then went to the University of Pennsylvania Dental School completing his general dental program.  Dr. Pincock's specialization studies for Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry were done at Children's Hospital Center in Washington, DC.  After graduation, Dr. Pincock taught at Georgetown University Dental School as an Associate Clinical Professor until 1986 while building and maintaining his private dental practice.  

Dr. Pincock continues to strive to provide our area's children with the best dental care possible.  He is continually broadening the horizons of his pediatric dental care by participation in numerous continuing education courses.


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