Debra Norberg

Point of Entry for All Referrals and Case Management

House Calls, LLC


House Calls

PO Box 776

Olney, MD 20830

p: 301-346-6732    |    f: 301-774-9711


Debra is the initial contact, leading potential clients through our intake process. After the intake is completed and submitted, Debra meets with the client or family, to determine what House Calls services are appropriate.

Services include but are not limited to safety assessments, navigating the maze of mental health and/or medical options, medication management, referrals to doctors, lawyers, community connections, personal care, socialization, organization, transition to a more restrictive setting, subsidies, housing options and life coaching.

Debra coordinates case management to individuals who are vulnerable, isolated, suffering from feelings of dementia, depression, or phobic. She oversees our team of specialists who formulate new pathways for clients to develop relationships, recreation integration, vocational and educational accommodations, or peaceful adaptation to new situations and settings.



  • Advocacy for navigating the mental and medical health systems
  • Referrals to doctors, health agencies and support groups
  • In-Home counseling and case management
  • Recreation restoration and community resources
  • Grief Assistanc
  • Effective listening and anger management tool education
  • Hoarding, decluttering and organizing
  • Medical and mental health case managemen
  • Safety assessment for clients with Dementia
  • Specialized training to Home Health Aides 
  • Continuing Education Workshops
  • ousing Assistance for individuals with mental illness
  • Assisted Living and long term care facility counseling to residents and/or families having difficulty adapting
  • Collaboration with assisted living and long term care facilities, mediating with families and individuals who are resistant to move from their home
  • Intake Process Medical Advocacy


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