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M.D., Ph.D.

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Dr. Charles Gant, M.D., PhD, has practiced Comprehensive Integrative, Complementary/Alternative and Functional Medicine for over three decades. His in depth approach to using the most advanced Functional and Genomic testing to determine the unique needs of each individual patient is known as “Personalized Medicine” or more recently “Precision Medicine”.

He is passionately dedicated to bringing Precision Medicine understandings and availability to everyone in his quest to support the greatest expression of both physical and mental health worldwide.

In his clinical practice at International Precision Medicine Associates (IPMA) in Washington, DC, Dr. Gant provides the latest, cutting-edge, diagnostic, functional laboratory testing for his patients to define the root causes of symptoms which can then be targeted to optimize brain health and general wellness. This science-based approach can reverse the biochemical roots of aggression, addiction and mental disorders, as well as many medical disorders, which brings authentic healing and recovery.

Dr. Gant received his B.S. degree in chemistry from Hampden-Sydney College and his medical degree from the University of Virginia Medical School. He pioneered many of the nutritional and detoxification treatments for the treatment of substance use and other mental disorders while serving as the medical director of Tully Hill Hospital, as a medical consultant at Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare and as a psychiatric consultant at numerous substance abuse and mental health clinics throughout Central New York.

These protocols are currently being duplicated around the country by many healthcare practitioners (see – He is a founding member) and they promise to improve treatment outcomes and bring authentic healing to those suffering from all types of mental disorders.

In addition to being an active clinician, Dr. Gant is also active as an educator of Healthcare Practitioners and the general public, and is an internationally recognized author and speaker. He has authored numerous publications, including ADHD Complementary and Alternative Medicine Solutions, and End Your Addiction Now which is available in bookstores. He is Co-founder/Director of the International Academy of Precision Medicine, and of IPMA, and Director of Education and Training for the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics. He also teaches mindfulness-based meditation and incorporates other mindfulness-based psychotherapies into his medical practice.


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