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The Clemens Group, under the direction of Alan A. Clemens, its President, conducts valuation studies of practices for a variety of purposes including buy/sell agreements, litigation, and estate planning and equitable distribution. 
Mr. Clemens holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and has taken post-MBA courses in Accounting, Finance, and Real Estate. Mr. Clemens is a charter member of the National Society of Practice Management Consultants and is an active member and founder of the Practice Valuation Study Group started twenty-two years ago and which now has over 200 active participants. He is also an active member of American Dental Sales; a national network of qualified, experienced and trusted independent brokers/consultants specializing in dental practices. For the past forty years, Mr. Clemens has been actively and exclusively involved with the sale/transfer, management and appraisal of dental practices. 
He has been a guest lecturer on practice valuation at Columbia University Dental School and at the New York University School of Dentistry. Mr. Clemens has had numerous articles published in both dental and medical trade journals concerning valuation. His articles on practice transitions and valuation often appear in Dental Economics and the New York State Dental Journal. In addition, he frequently speaks before professional societies such as The Greater New York Dental Meeting, The American Dental Association, the Yankee Dental Congress in Boston and the Greater Long Island Dental Meeting and local component study groups. He was the featured speaker at the American Dental Association meeting in New Orleans and lectured on practice transition and dental valuation. He is recognized nationally as an expert in the field and gives expert testimony before the courts in New York and New Jersey. In recent years he has authored 3 articles in Dental Economics and 2 articles in the New York State Dental Journal. 
At the present time, The Clemens Group is the exclusive broker for dental practices in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. 

The Clemens Group

Buying a dental practice is one of the most important and largest purchases you will make in your professional career. We have been successfully guiding Purchasers and Sellers for over thirty years and welcome this opportunity to serve you as well. 

Our goal is always to seek a "win - win." We feel that in order for a winning transaction to occur all parties must be comfortable. We spend a considerable amount of time and effort gathering information as well as educating Purchasers as to the nuances of purchasing a practice. All of our Practice listings are exclusive to us and our listings and analyses are the best in the industry. We limit our business to serious inquiries only.

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