Kim Root

Yoga Therapist

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Our Company–Body & Brain Yoga

Body & Brain Yoga centers are Dahn Yoga franchises and are part of the unique system of wellness services and lifestyle education. Body & Brain centers teach holistic methods like Dahn Yoga, tai chi and meditation that have been offered in yoga studios a numerous community-based locations.

The Body & Brain System

Each Body & Brain class and program are part of Brain Education, a holistic self-development system with a powerful five-step approach. It is a progressive convergence of traditional Eastern practices and new findings from neuroscience and education. 

The brain is the key to turning an aspiration into a reality. Brain Education is an innovation of Ilchi Lee, who created this training system for developing human capacity for health, well-being, and self-realization. All based on better understanding and use of the brain. Brain Education is the foundation of our programs, from basic classes to advanced workshops. At Body & Brain centers, you learn to utilize your brain fully and reach your greatest potential.


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