Jenna Benyounes Ulrich


Sexual Health Consultant 


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2000 N 15th Street

Arlington, VA

(571) 488-9008

Dr Modjoros is a graduate of Cornell University and completed her MD at University of Pittsburgh in 2005. She is board certified in Internal Medicine with a special concentration in Women’s Health. Dr Modjoros practices office based gynecology in Alexandria, VA and has spent years accumulating an extensive understanding of female physiology and expertise in evaluating and managing pelvic pain and sexual dysfunctions. As a counselor at Sexual Health Consultants, LTD, she specializes in counseling clients with sexual dysfunctions, including low libido, arousal and sensation issues, and concerns related to sex and intimacy after trauma or surgery.  Dr Modjoros understands that a happy sex life leads to improved general health, vitality and longevity, and she will work with her clients to achieve their goals. Outside of work, Dr Modjoros enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and skiing.


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