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We connect clinicians with their peers & clients by developing their network, functionality & market reach.



We Provide 4 Innovative Approaches for your Clinical Success

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Cutting-edge marketing and branding strategies that help your practice thrive.


Innovative referral systems that support multiple levels of professional networking.


Expert guidance that helps you organize your professional and personal affairs.


Share connections and lucid understandings of business and life between peers in nature.


Robust Connections

Metro Collaborative is about creating both individual growth and genuine, trustworthy relationships between peers. This combination creates connective strength, as you are a reliable person and clinician, and so are your Metro Collaborative partners.


Unprecedented Reach

Our multi-faceted services that connect you both interpersonally and digitally — via real-life community and digital technology — provide you with a one-of-a-kind reach within your field.


Join Us

If you want to belong a community, if you want to grow as a person and clinician and be surrounded by likeminded peers, if you want to reach more patients and partners, if you want sound advice, if you want to share and learn with others — then join us.


Customer Service

We commit ourselves every day to providing an excellent customer experience by being on call, ready to respond, and ensuring your needs and concerns are met.


We have developed cutting edge software that will propel your practice's reach to a new level - giving you advanced opportunities to connect.


Business Connections

When you commit to Metro Collaborative, you are connected to opportunities for you and your practice locally, nationally and globally. We provide you a web of support.


We have an open program for those looking to join our team - learn from our thoroughly experienced and visionary consultants that make Metro Collaborative go.

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May 2018

I don’t often get a chance to network. What I especially love about Metro Collaborative is learning about new services, meeting new people and being part of a clinical community. 

Ben Gonzalez, MD


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Get Involved

There are plenty of ways to get involved with us — start a group or retreat, volunteer, or apply for a position. We are always looking for talented, optimistic and driven individuals.


Reach Out To Us

Questions or concerns? If you want to gain a greater understanding of Metro Collaborative, feel free to reach out.

Job opportunities

We're always looking for passionate, talented people looking to contribute to the health care industry.

Make a Payment

For members who are looking to make a payment, we make it easy to do online.