Congratulations on your company and thank you for this opportunity. What a great commitment you have to life, family, and work! I appreciate your interest, time and openness on our call.  There are many ways we can assist and support you. We provide a systematic approach from decades of successful work at The Center for Holistic Medicine, DSSNY,  The Seltzer Institute, Paragon Practice Transitions, Coaching Solutions, NJAGD, The Koeppel Dental Group, The Gelb Center,  Gallery 57 Dental, Bryn Mar Periodontal Associates, The Julian Center, Linhart Dentistry, The Rosenthal Group, and many practices in the Greater NYC area.

Our systematic and integrated methods for professional referral networks combines dental, medical, alternative and mental health communities with the broader healthcare community through social media posts, open houses and one on one conversations.   Our online clinical communications, online professional connections and collaborative coaching programs, as well as clinician leadership retreats, make a difference for the clinicians, partners, team, and patients and can be used separately or synergized by the sequence outlined. 

Online course conferencing lends logistical advantages.  Here is a brief outline of what we do and what you can expect from Metro Collaborative and Practice Success' Course:

  • Clinical Communication and Presentations Program------Co-diagnostic Case Presentation and Public speaking- interactive online course.

  • An online community, communications methods, psychology of presentation, clinician burnout prevention, and leadership. We integrates new concepts while implementing a cross-disciplinary approach which yields benefits for years to come on multiple levels.

  • Comprehensive and complementary interdisciplinary concepts; skills, leadership blueprint, psychology, management, marketing.

  • Mindfulness & clinical communication: active listening, community, and agreements for long-term collaboration.  

  • Be challenged, questioned, and inspired as you learn to refine as well as expand your work with clients and groups of clients.  

  • Create successful comprehensive client-centered workshops, online courses, and seminars.

  • Patient-Centered presentations: opportunities to guide clients to self-discovery.

  • Our Interactive recorded classes for your convenience, although the best results are from active participation. 

  • Our diverse group includes veterans and novices as well as those desiring "co-diagnostic case presentation."  

  • Three one hour-long classes per month in the evening, accessible by phone or laptop.

  • Group or individualized orientations for these tools to strategically make practical the results.

  • These programs are best customized. We encourage the interdisciplinary use of audiobooks for skills, practices and concept refinement. 

  • All of the above intertwined- to enhance the transformational conversations and evolution of the method;

  • Primary Texts: Based on our present students and other considerations - texts and audios:

  • Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday

  • The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday 

  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by S. CoveyThe Four Agreements by Don M. Ruiz

  • Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy

  •  Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday

  • The Trusted Advisor by Green and Galford 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership  by Chapman et all

  • Blue Ocean Strategy by C. Kim

  • The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs by C Gallo