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Donna M Torbico, BS

NYC Recovery Therapist

Upper West Side, NY, NY

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"ACoAs are the bravest, smartest people in the world. Are you enjoying your Personal Strengths?"

Donna M Torbico is a NYC Recovery Therapist in private practice over 30 years. She has been featured on TV, radio & in print. She created & taught her 12-week course "Bottom Lines for ACoAs" at the NY Open center for 9 years.  She led an ACoAs Therapy Group for 6 years, joined ACoAs therapist at conferences for 8 years & organized & led an ACoAs weekend workshop on L.I. 

She had been sharing her insights & other research on her Heal & Grow blog since 2010, with over 800 posts, which is read all over the world. 




Business Intro:

Heal & Grow for ACoAs: Donna works with adults who grew up in alcoholic, narcissistic families (ACoAs), with the goal of uncovering their True Self, by helping to freeing themselves from the addiction to reproducing their childhood abuse & neglect - the repetition compulsion. 

"Damaged, NOT defective": In order to grow into self-esteem & peace-of-mind, clients are encouraged to connect their adult self-defeating patterns with childhood trauma, rather that clinging to the belief that they are inherently worthless. 

Using T.E.A., healing includes identifying Toxic Family Beliefs, developing a healthy Inner Loving Parent & a compassionate daily connection with both their wounded & healthy Inner Child. 

Growth Tools: Visualizations, T.A., RET, Al-Anon / ACA Meetings, MBTI & Enneagram information, Gestalt Dream Interpretation, 2-handed Inner Child dialogues, Laundry List Workbook, Book-ending with the Inner Child, the ACoA Blog, 12-Step and Positive Qualities Inventories & a connection to a Loving Higher Power. "God is not an alcoholic parent!"